A gift from Yoskay Yamamoto

"Sideways" by Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx

“Sideways” by Yoskay Yamamoto x Mighty Jaxx

Just a few days ago, we received a box  from Yoskay himself.  In this box, we found the newest toy collaboration from Yoskay and Might Jaxx. I was anxious to open it, and when I did, my heart skipped a beat.

Yoskay is one of my favorite Artists’ and friend. He was originally from Japan but moved to LA to continue his career as an Artist.  Some of his clients include: Scion and Munky King.  He recently did an installation for Hong Kong Times Square called, “I hope to meet you one day” and was a featured artist for POW! WOW! Hawaii (one of the America’s largest mural festival). Nice seeing your work all over the world! xo

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